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Sonya Blade

26th February, 2021. 10:42 pm.

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21st May, 2015. 10:17 pm.

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4th April, 2014. 8:23 pm.

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11th March, 2011. 8:46 pm. fanfic rpg *several weeks later*

It had taken a long while, but thanks to their efforts, the 'joint allies' were able to get a hold on a possibility of the location of the Red Dragon clan. It was only a lead, but it was something, and a lot more than they had prior.

At the moment, it was this bit of information that Sonya had on mind even as Sub-Zero called her to his office. As head of his clan, even though the OIA weren't Lin Kuei-he still took it upon himself to know their business, in this case, it wasn't necessarily 'army business', but it did concern her. On his desk were two letters addressed to her, and when he gave them to her, Sonya didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or pleased.

The first letter was actually a copy of an email from her father, dated just yesterday.  The Lin Kuei had a telephone system, but it was only 'one way', and so email and letters were the only 'real' ways for the army to contact its soldiers, so while the email may've been sent the previous day, being forwarded to the HQ would've taken a little longer. In the email, he wrote that her mother had passed on that same day from a stroke and that the funeral would take place a few days from the date it was arrived.

Sonya felt herself go numb, even as she read the second letter. Of course the army would've read his email before her, such privacy didn't exist in the military. Having read the email from ret. Major Blade, the army went one step further and granted her a three week furlough, in honor of all the hard work she'd put into the department even with the destruction of their headquarters. The end of the letter revealed that it was Jax who suggested it. The guy seemed to know more about her workaholic tendencies than she did. But still,  she and her mother were never that close, not since her brother was killed over a decade ago, but it would've been rude to her father if she didn't attend the funeral. Her father had been through a lot, between the army and living with mother even as she gave into her demons.

She thanked the ice master before turning and heading out of his office. 

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28th February, 2011. 1:18 am. fanfic rpg

It had to be said that any sort of psycologist would have a field day if they could spend even one session with Lt. Col. Sonya Blade, ten years in the army and it seemed that the only time she ever really felt 'alive' was when she was on the chase of a wanted criminal.

Or criminals as the case would be.

There was also something to be said for 'enemy of an enemy being a friend.' Since the destruction of the Outerworld Investigation Agency HQ from the Red Dragon (could these clans be that uncreative with names?), her ally and friend (possibly more) Sub Zero was more than willing to lend them the use of the Lin Kuei headquarters to track them down. Such generousity would've been unheard of even from him, but then again, the clan was also an enemy of the Red Dragon, so such an alliance was mutually beneficial.

Currently, she was at the main computer for the headquaters, looking up on as much information as she could, anything to get those guys and take them out. She was past the goal of 'arresting criminals', the fact remained that these members were traitors to Earthrealm and nothing less than death-preferably helped by her own hand-would suffice.

She wasn't sure what felt felt more: alive, or fearful for herself.

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23rd September, 2008. 11:19 am.

Name: Sonya Blade
Nicknames: none
Age: technically 29, but 8 months after being 'brought back'
Birthday: December 15th
Gender: female


Eyesight: excellent
Hearing: good
Left/Right/Ambi: right handed
Disabilities/Handicaps: like I'd share that information
Physical Health: I've had a fair share of physical injuries, but I rarely get sick


IQ (approximate is fine): Last time I was tested, about 110
Extrovert/Introvert:  Extrovert obviously, though I've toned it down recently
Phobias/Fears:  Tsung knows them, that's far as I go
Mental Health:  That's  what I'd like to know as well-certain choices in my life I'd personally call crazy


First Impression: I admit I do come off cold and distant, I'm just more careful


Parents:  Maj. Herman Blade and Erica Blade
Sibling(s): My only brother died a long time ago
Children: Not at the moment
Family History:  Military brat, traveled around a lot when dad was trasferred


Occupation: soldier
Education:  High school graduate, US military academy, survival school
Home:  Before the invasion, I lived on the military bases were I was assigned. Currently, I'm residing in the Outworld palace
Finance:  I earn a fair sum in my own right as head of Tsung's army.

Academia (for students - adults can answer as applicable)

Excellent/Good/Mediocre/Poor Student?:  You think I got into the Special Forces by just being a 'good' student. I've always been a fast learner and diligent student.


Height: 5'9
Weight: 140
Eyes: blue/grey
Hair: Long, medium blonde and usually pulled back in a tail or braid
Face & Complexion: strong features and pale
Build: toned and lean thanks to training for four hours a day
Defining Marks, scars, etc: I used to have various scars from numerous missions, but since my resurrection they've been 'erased'.
Dress Style:  casual pants and shirt, but I've nothing against a nice gown or robes if it's the proper occasion
Possessions always on this person: several daggers, wedding ring

Romantic/ Sexual

Marital Status: taken
Sexual Preference: men
Ever had sex:  of course, what the hell sort of question is that
Believes that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage:  so long as both people are mature adults, I don't have a problem with it either way.
Believe in casual sex:  I go with what I said about sex before marriage
Turn ons:  I like a man that knows what he's doing and not afraid to let me take control. He has to have manners and not be disgusting.
Past Relationships (either in canon or in your backstory): Cliff LeDolce ( deceased), Shang Tsung...if you're wondering about Cage, there was never an appropriate time-and unlike Quan Chi I don't have sex with the dead
Current Relationship as of the end of canon (or whatever is applicable): ( this is an AU version of Sonya) married to Shang Tsung-though I prefer to see it as a business contract-with benefits.


Ever been drunk: I'm a soldier..that's like asking a hooker if she's ever had sex
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend: No, I just prefer to not tell them everything
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend:  Never, even now..I might not really care for Tsung but I'd never stoop to actually cheat on him
Gotten into a fight: ...cute. Duh, I'm a soldier, it's what I do.
Innocent or guilty: plead the 5th
Been a hypocrite in the past: possibly, I just don't care to tell you


Friend: I don't have friends anymore
Animal: bird
Colour: green

Least Favourites
Person: Shao Kahn
Music: Rap
Celebrity: too many to list

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